Love Rediscovered is LIVE!!

If you’re looking for a quick read that will still deliver all the feels, stop scrolling and one-click immediately.

I’ve never been strong.
In fact, when the man I thought I’d spend therest of my life with walked out of my life without looking back, it broke me.
Years later, I’m still picking up the pieces andtrying to mend my damaged heart.
Just as I think I finally have things together,guess who walks back into my life.
Brian freaking Matthews, that’s who.
For the first time in my life being strong is anecessity because working this closely with him has all my feelingsresurfacing.
I can’t afford to fall for his charms a secondtime around.
My heart won’t survive it.

I’ve never made the best decisions.
Walking away from the only woman who held aplace in my heart could count as the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.
Years away from her made me realize I didn’twant to spend another day without her.
Now, I’m here hoping to charm my way back intoher heart, but I have a secret.
When Hannah finds out I’ve been lying to her, Imight lose her for good

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